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Established in 2014

Hello new friend! My name is Morgan Thorsbakken and I am an artist. Sometimes it's hard to say that little phrase. When you are young, you say that phrase proudly and with boldness. "Mom! Look what I made! I'm an artist!" But over the years the phrase you once boldly declared, starts to be harder to say as outside pressures weigh in. It is now with confidence that I say "I am an artist", and fine art wedding and portrait photography is one of the forms my art takes. 

I have loved photography since my early years in grade school. I remember taking my first kodak disposable camera to be developed and so excited when I received my first packet of film. I looked through my pictures with excitement and a wide grin. Photos of my dog, my friends, my backyard, and of my siblings. I remember getting my first point and shoot camera for a Christmas, and the first time I used a DSLR camera for my high school year book. I graduated high school wanting to be a photographer, but would go on to receive a degree in Graphic Design through Iowa State. I became passionate with design in college and still am to this day.

My photography business sprung up in college when I was between majors. Unsure of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I took a break from school and bought my first DSLR camera. Soon, my hobby would turn into a passion to document life via my camera. Now many camera upgrades later, and 45+ weddings under my belt, my passion is the same though evolved a bit... to document lives around me. 

Weddings are one of my favorite things to document, simply because I love... love! The look of the bride the first time she sees her groom, the mother as she gives her daughter a kiss on the cheek and a tight squeeze of good luck before she walks down the isle, the i do's... all of it gives me chills and makes me feel so honored to be included in one of the most monumental days of your life. Every wedding I photograph, I cherish.